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1976 NIHON PISCO Co., Ltd. incorporated at capitalization of ¥18,000,000 in Okaya City, Nagano-Pref on Oct. 18. Development, manufacture, and sale of piping joints and solenoid valves for pneumatic equipment were started.
1978 Sale of push-in fitting for pneumatic piping started. Business alliance with the HARMO Co., Ltd. and the Koganei Co., Ltd. formed for sales of quick-fitting joints. 
1979 Capital of NIHON PISCO Co., Ltd. was increased to¥27,000,000. 
The plastic molding factory was separated from the metal processing factory.
The Suwa Plant set up.
HARMO KIHAN Co., Ltd. (current PISCO HANBAI) incorporated as a sales company inside the Head office of the NIHON PISCO located in Okaya City, Nagano-Pref.
The Tokyo sales office opened. 
1982 The Osaka and the Ota sales offices opened. 
The current Okaya head office & plant (integrating the Suwa Plant and the Okaya Plant) was newly constructed.
The Nagoya sales office opened. 
The Head office & Plant was expanded to cope with increased sales and production.
CI (Corporate Identity) introduced.
1985 The Nagano sales office opened.
The Ina Plant (current Ina 1st Plant) set up for operating new projects.
The Kanagawa sales office opened.
The Overseas Division set up to promote overseas sales.
The Fukuoka sales office and the Hamamatsu sales office opened.
Capital of the HARMO KIHAN Co., Ltd. (current PISCO HANBAI) was increased to ¥57,000,000. 
1989 NIHON PISCO SINGAPORE Pte. Ltd. established.
The Hiroshima office and the Hachioji office opened.
Second and third stage extension of the Ina Plant(current Ina First Plant). 
1990 The Head office of the HARMO KIHAN(current PISCO HANBAI) was transferred to Ina.
The Toride office, the Himeji Office, the Sendai office, and Kanazawa office opened.
1991 The name of the HARMO KIHAN Co., Ltd. was changed to PISCO HANBAI Co., Ltd.
The Kofu office opened.
1992 Capital of the NIHON PISCO increased to ¥94,500,000.
PISCO TAIWAN Co., Ltd.established.
Business alliance with German company FESTO (current FESTO AG & CO. KG) formed for sales of push-in-fittings.
1993 PISCO USA, Inc. established.
1994 ISO 9001 (quality management system) certification was acquired.
1996 Capital of the PISCO HANBAI Co., Ltd. was increased to ¥96,900,000.
The Ina Second Plant newly constructed.
1997 Capital of NIHON PISCO Co., Ltd. increased to¥207,900,000.
Extension of warehousing facility of the Ina First Plant.
1998 ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification was acquired.
1999 The Saitama office opened.
PISCO KOREA PNEUMATICS Co., Ltd. established. 
2000 The Kyoto office opened.
2001 PAOCS Co., Ltd. set up.
2002 The Kanagawa office and the Hachioji office integrated into the new Kanagawa office.
2003 Second-stage extension of the Ina Second Plant.
2005 Third-stage extension of the Ina Second Plant. Acquired ownership of Ivis Co., Ltd.(mold design, mold building and plastic injection molding business). Business alliance with the CKD Corporation formed for sales of vacuum-driven products and other products.
2006 Fourth-stage extension of the Ina Second Plant.
30th anniversary of foundation celebrated.
2007 Capital of NIHON PISCO Co., Ltd. increased to¥488,565,000.
The Kawasaki office opened.
2008 Repair work of No.5 building of Ina First Plant was conducted.
2009 Solar photovoltaic system (400kw) was introduced into the Ina Second Plant.
2010 NIHON PISCO TAIWAN Co., Ltd. established. 
2011 A plant for the NIHON PISCO TAIWAN Co., Ltd. newly constructed. "Shinshu Eco Grand Prix"was awarded from Nagano Association for Conserving Environment.
2012 President & Representative Director(the present Chairman & Representative Director), Mr. Kiyoyasu Yamazaki received ultimate recognition of Management Excellence Awards organized by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. host award. 
2013 The Ina Third Plant newly constructed. (Solar photovoltaic system (205kw) was installed.)
The Ina Forth Plant: production started for expanding business.
2014 NIHON PISCO Co., Ltd. Bangkok Representative Office Opened
Repair work of No.1, 3 and 6 building, and new warehouse construction of Ina First Plant were conducted.
2015 Merger and absorption of IVIS Co., Ltd.
Repair work of Ina Fourth Plant was conducted.
2016 Merger and absorption of PISCO SHINPAN Co., Ltd.
Fifth-stage extension of the Ina Second Plant.
2017 The Okazaki office opened.
2018 Pisco Vietnam Co., Ltd. (sales office)  opened.