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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about PISCO product. Please see before contacting us.

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QI would like to know chemical resistance of components used for the product. How could I check?
 Make sure the name of materials composing the target product (the model code is preferable if it is known) on our catalog. Identify formal name of the chemical to be used. Then look up chemical resistance of its components in "Chemical-proof propeties".
QHow much durability does Pisco push-in fitting have?

With standard Pisco push-in fittings, the resistance to the fixed durability test is 30 million cycles, and to the sliding movement is 5 million cycles.

Fixed durability test: it is the number of cycles that satisfies air tightness with no-damage, when applying and releasing 0.7MPa air at the frequency of 2 cycles/sec. Dynamic durability test: it is the number of cycles that satisfies the condition of the fixed durability test with oscillation move at frequency of 2 cycles/sec.

Although it may be questioned by durable years (time), since it changes sharply according to an operating condition, it is too difficult to answer in number of years (or hours).


QIs there possibity for PISCO push-in fittings to leak ?

Because Push-in fitting seals outside diameter of tube by an elastic-sleeve (rubber seal), there may be a factor causing leak, such as scratches, deformation or jamming of contaminants.
The fittings are designed for pressurized air piping, then they cannot be used for the circuit of gas or liquid which becomes a risk upon leakage, or for an inspection equipment which becomes easilly affected by even slight leak.

PISCO fittings:

QIs there a fitting for a rubber hose?
Pisco does not offer fittings for rubber hose in principal.
However, some Die-temperature control fitting series can be connected to heat-resistant hoses.

Die temperature control fitting series:
QIs the elbow-type fitting possible to rotate its head?
Except for SUS316 and Brass compression fitting series, elbow fittings of almost all other series can rotate its head. (It is possible to rotate at the connection of metal and resin parts.)

However, rotating the head in this case means that it can turn with fingers, in order to adjust the position of tube output port after screwing in the fitting.  If it is necessary to turn the fitting port according to rotation or oscillation of a tube, Rotary Joint or High Rotary Joint built-in ball bearing should be used.

QIs there a coupler available?
Light Coupling series is available.

Light Coupling series:
QWhat kinds of check valves are available in Pisco products?

 A check valve, clack valve, non-return valve or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through in only one direction. In PISCO products lineup, Check Valve (with push-in fitting, etc.) is available in Control series.


Check valves

QDo the Pisco products support RoHS Directive?

Pisco has offered products corresponding to the regulations of 6 substances of the RoHS Directive (= ECO products) prior to the official announcement.
"RoHS compliant" mark is indicated in our catalogue for RoHS compliant Pisco products.

RoHS compliant mark

QIs there any regulation to export Pisco products from Japan? Can PISCO issue a parameter sheet?
An exporter needs to clarify in advance whether the exporting goods corresponds to the regulation article (products, technologies or materials that could be used to develop weapons etc.) of "Export Trade Control Ordinance" when exporting cargo (products) from Japan.Although the Pisco products fall in the category of non-applicable items in and exempted from this regulation article, "the non-applicable certificate"(a parameter sheet) is required by customs.


Please contact us through the inquiry page in our website about the issuing of the certificate. 

Inquiry page:
QHow to get in contact with oversea distributors?
Please refer to "Worldwide Sales Network" on our website and contact them.

Worldwide Sales Network:
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