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High precision.
Various gripping styles with one gripper.        
Can be used either for inside or outside gripping. Single-acting type can be used either as air gripper or spring gripper.
Uniquely designed roller guide system.
The longer sistance between rollers enables smooth movement and gripping.   Countermeasuer for lateral moment load, E type (with E-shaped retaining ring) is available.
Attachments are provided.
  Avoiding mis-placement of the fingers (attachments).
Attachments are provided (sold separately).   A centring slot is cut on the fingers.
Useful for avoiding mis-positioning of fingers (attachments), because it helps the positioning reproducibility of the fingers (attachments) to improve.
Double acting and Single acting are available.
Either the center port or the side port can be used as the air supply port.
Center port is optional.
Sensor switchs are provided (sold separately).
Selectable from 6 types depending on the application.
Body width:10mm
A 10mm width body which imcorporates φ8mm bore cylinder enables high gripping force. Ideal for narrow pitch/multi-station use.
Body width:16.4mm
Short body is adopted.
Wide stroke type enable making an equipment compact.
Body width:23.6mm
Super light weight.
About 1/2 of the weight of the conventional grippers of the same class and model.
A gripper can be used either for Normally Open or Normally Closed.
A gripper can be used either for Normally Open or Normally Closed by changing the attachments position.
Environment friendly eco design.
Single acting, not requiring air supply for the cylinder retraction, saves air consumption.
Contributes to space-saving of equipment.
Single acting, not requiring piping for the cylinder retraction, enables compact handling.
Body width:10mm
The lightest in the industry.
A small gripper with secure gripping.
Body width:14mm
The smallest body as 6mm stroke type in the industry.(Internal investigation)
Mniature body but wide stroke.
Compact and lightweight stainless steel grippers.        
The work-stopper assures stable gripping.        
Stable gripping and conveyance of a work is possible by gripping the work pushing it to the work-stopper.
Light press-in is possible.
  The foating type prevents
damage due to bumping.
Light press-in with the work-stopper is possible.   The floating system absorb the impact.
The work-stopper can be removed, if unnecessary.
For finger type : K,
Blank fingers are available. (sold separately)
Because of R-guide, no worry about decentering.
You can process blank fingers according to the shape of your work.
シャンクタイプ   パネルマウントタイプ
シャンクタイプ   パネルマウントタイプ
フローティング付ブロックタイプ   フローティング付パネルマウントタイプ
No dedicated fingers are
needed for works of simple shapes.
Suitable for gripping and conveyance of works with round hole or groove.
シャンクタイプ   パネルマウントタイプ
フローティング付ブロックタイプ   フローティング付パネルマウントタイプ
2 types of grippers are available.        
Lever gripper and parallel gripper are available.
Compact design       
Space-saving, light weight and high cycle are realized.
2 body materials are available.        
Resin type realizes light weight.   Die cast type realizes excellent durability.
As for sensor equipped type, the gripper motion and the gripping condition can be checked simply by LED.        
The proximity switch can be moved in the lateral direction according to a work. Visual check by ON and OFF of LED is possible.
3 types of acting are available.
Selectable from Double acting, Single acting normally open, or Single acting normally closed.
Finger tool type is best suitable for taking out molded parts.
You don't need to make attachments. Best suited for gripping a spool.
HC15   HC20
HC30   HC20B_X
Air supply port is selectable
from center port and side port.
Air supply port can be changed by replacing a plug.
HP15   HP20