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Ball Valve SUS316 Equivalent Add RoHS Compliant

R   M SUB316


Fluid medium;Air, Inert gas such as Nitrogen/ Helium (no toxic), Water/ Liquid(*Conditional), Other(*Conditional)

Max. operating pressure* 5.5MPa
Max. Vacuum -101kPa
Operating temp. range* -29~+232℃(No Freezing of fluid)

*Please see the catalog for details.

Applicable size

■Female thread size

Taper pipe thread Rc1/4, Rc3/8, Rc1/2
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  • Degital catalog
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SUS316 equivalent material (SUS316 or CF8M) for fluid contact part.
Chemical and mixed gas can be used as fluid medium.

  • Stem for fixing the handle will not come off the valve body.Prevent stem come-off from valve body.
  • No restriction for flow direction.IN/OUT flow can be connected to both side of valve.
  • Cleaning Specification.Use Alkaline cleaner to clean (*Not completely oil-free)

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