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Fluororesin (FEP) Tube Cleanroom package, SET-C Add RoHS Compliant

  • 5 colors


Fluid medium Air, Water (Conditional*),
Other chemicals (Conditional*)
Max. pressure range (65%RH at 20℃) 2.7MPa(SET0420),1.6MPa(SET0425, 0640),
1.0MPa(SET0860, 1075, 1290, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2),
0.7MPa(SET1080, 1210, 1613)*
Max. vacuum -100kPa
Operating temp. range -65~200℃ (No freezing)

* Please refer to the digital catalogue.

Applicable size

■MM size

Code 0420 0425 0640 0860 1075 1080 1290 1210
O.D.(mm) ø4 ø6 ø8 ø10 ø12
I.D.(mm) ø2 ø2.5 ø4 ø6 ø7.5 ø8 ø9 ø10

■Inch size

Code 1/4 3/8 1/2
O.D.(mm) ø6.35 ø9.53 ø12.7
I.D.(mm) ø4.57 ø6.99 ø9.56
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Click here for added color variations of Fluororesin (FEP) tube.


Compared to our SFT clean-room type tube, we successfully reduced average 46% cost.

  • Best suitable for the piping in clean-room.Tubes are cleaned and packaged in ISO Class 6 clean-room and delivered in antistatic packaging to minimize sticking dust.
  • Fluororesin (FEP), excellent in chemical resistance, is employed.
  • Best suitable for chemical, food, medical care and semiconductor applications.
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Inch size models, perfect to be used with the inch-sized SUS316 compression fitting are prepared.
■Tube color sample
Tube color Code
Black B
Clear C
Clear red CR
Clear blue CB
Clear yellow CY
※.The color may be slightly different due to monitor settings.
※.Only black and clear are available for Inch size.

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