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Insert Ring RoHS Compliant

R   M SUB304

Applicable size

■MM size

Code 0320 0425 0640 0850 0860 1065 1075 1080
O.D.(mm) ø3 ø4 ø6 ø8 ø10
I.D.(mm) ø2 ø2.5 ø4 ø5 ø6 ø6.5 ø7.5 ø8

Code 1280 1290 1210 1611 1613
O.D.(mm) ø12 ø16
I.D.(mm) ø8 ø9 ø10 ø11 ø13

■Inch size

Code 3/16 1/4 3/8 1/2
O.D.(mm) ø4.76 ø6.35 ø9.53 ø12.7

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Insert Ring, inserted in a tube, prevents the tube from contracting.

  • Even a very soft tube can be used with the Quick-Fitting joint, if the Insert Ring is inserted in the connecting portion of the tube.Suitable to use with vacuum tube (UD) etc.
  • The Insert Ring should be used when water is supplied to the Quick-Fitting joint.
  • Tube's pull-out force is increased.Insert ring prevents tube contracting from inside. Tube's pull-out force is increased for tighter tube lock.

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