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High Purity Fluororesin (New PFA) Tube Clean-room package〔SFTN-C〕 NEW RoHS Compliant


Fluid medium Air, Water (Conditional※), Chemicals, etc.(Conditional※)
Max. operating pressure (at 20℃ 65%RH) 1.4MPa(SFTN0320, 0640, 3.18x2.18, 6.35x3.95, 9.53x6.35)、
1.0MPa(SFTN0430, 0860, 12.7x9.53)、
0.8MPa(SFTN1080, 1210)※
Max. vacuum -100kPa
Operating temp. range -65~260℃(No freezing)
Tube color 1 color 

※ See digital catalog.

Applicable size

■ mm size

Code 0320 0430 0640 0860 1080 1210
Tube O.D.(mm) φ3 φ4 φ6 φ8 φ10 φ12
Tube I.D.(mm) φ2 φ3 φ4 φ6 φ8 φ10


Code 3.18x2.18 6.35x3.95 9.53x6.35 12.7x9.53
Tube O.D.(mm) φ3.18 φ6.35 φ9.53 φ12.7
Tube I.D.(mm) φ2.18 φ3.95 φ6.35 φ9.53
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Excellent in Chemical resistance, Heat resistance and Weather resistance, suitable for various industries like chamical, medical, food, medicine cosmetics and die temp. control as well as semiconductor industry.

  • Adopted New PFA with high purity.High purity with less elution of impurities such as metal ion, eluted ion and Total Organic Carbon (TOC), compared with PFA.
  • Excellent in Internal smoothnessWith its excellent internal smoothness, it contributes to less particle / chemical liquid stagnation and saves washing time.
  • Best suitable for the piping in clean-room.Packed in ISO class 6 equivalent.
■Tube color sample (Available color : Transparent only)

※.The color may be slightly different due to monitor settings.

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