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Vacuum Generator VLM NEW RoHS Compliant


Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.7MPa
Rated supply pressure 0.5MPa
Operating temp. range 5~50℃ (No freezing)

Applicable size

■Vacuum port size

Taper pipe female thread Rc3/4, Rc1

■Supply port size

Taper pipe female thread Rc1/4

■Exhaust port

Taper pipe female thread Rc3/4

※Refer to the catalog for details of Exhaust port

■Nozzle specification

Nozzle bore φ1.6mm
Nozzle code 161 162 163 164 165 166
Number of layers Single Double Triple
Nozzle quantity (pcs) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Suction flow(ℓ/min[ANR]) 290 550 760 890 1,020 1,110
Air consumption(ℓ/min[ANR]) 110 220 330 440 550 660
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Multi stage nozzle ejector ensuring high vacuum of -94kPa. Large suction flow rate of Max. 1,110ℓ/min[ANR] with multi layer structure.

  • Securing high vacuum and large flow rate.By adoption of multi-stage nozzle and multi layer structure, suction flow can be secured approx. 2.2times (on average) larger than air consumption.
  • Silencer installing direction is selectable.Selectable from Three directions; Side, Front and With rotary joint. (Front installation is only for single layer type)
  • Body can be fixed freely with two brackets.
  • Excellent in ozone resistance.FKM for all sealing rubbber.
  • Suitable for applications in various industrial fields.Best suited for a various range of industries, as well as automobile, semiconductor, food and
    medicine industries.

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