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Vacuum Generator VQ Renewal RoHS Compliant

  • Copper freeAvailable option
  • Solution for low concentrated ozoneAvailable option


Fluid medium Air (JIS B 8392-1:Class1.2.1~2.4.3 compliant)
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.7MPa
Operating temp. range 5~50ºC (No freezing)
Operating humidity range 35~85%RH (No freezing)
Vibration /Impact resistance Max. 50m/s2 / Max. 150m/s2
Protective structure Equivalent to IEC IP40
Lubrication Not required
Proof pressure (Air supply circuit) 1.05MPa
Proof pressure (Vacuum circuit) 0.2Mpa

* Proof pressure does not indicate the pressure by which products operate normally but the pressure products does not break down.

Applicable size

■Vacuum port tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø8, ø10

■Air supply port Tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø6, ø8, ø10

■Exhaust port

ø12mm Tube Fitting, Silencer vent

■Nozzle diameter (mm)

Single nozzle type :ø1.5, ø2.0

2-stage nozzle type:ø0.7, ø1.0, ø1.2

Twin-nozzle type:ø1.5, ø2.0

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31.5mm wide vacuum unit is designed to optimize the control of large vacuum flows.

  • The twin-nozzle type is the most durable unit for applications with longer suctioning or transportation time.The large nozzle controls vacuum generation from start up to a prescribed reference preset pressure level, after which the small nozzle takes over for maintaining a vacuum level. This combination makes possible substantial reductions in Air consumption.
    Only one signal is used for vacuum generation as with previous models
  • The two-stage nozzle type's vacuum suction rate has been increased by approximately 40% compared to conventional types. The vacuum suction rate has been increased by 40% compared to PISCO Vacuum Generator complex type with single nozzle.
  • With the pressure sensor, the cost-effectiveness has been pursued (in-house comparison) and a high level of visual recognition has been realized.All settings can be made using just three push buttons.
    Four different display units are available.
  • The single-nozzle type is an orthodox, complex vacuum generator designed to produce large vacuum flows.
  • A wide variety of valve type is standardized. ・Single-nozzle type:Normally open, Normally closed, Double solenoid (retention) type

    ・Two-stage nozzle type : Normally open, Normally closed type

    ・Twin-nozzle type : Normally closed type

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