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External Vacuum Controller VXP and VXPT RoHS Compliant

  • Copper freeAvailable option
  • Solution for low concentrated ozoneAvailable option


Fluid medium Air (JIS B 8392-1:Class1.2.1~2.4.3 compliant), Vacuum
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.7MPa
Working vacuum range -100~0kPa
Operating temp. range 5~50ºC (No freezing)
Operating humidity rang 35~85%RH (No freezing)
Vibration /Impact resistance Max. 50m/s2 / Max. 150m/s2
Protective structure Equivalent to IEC IP40
Lubrication Not required
Proof pressure (Air supply circuit) 1.05MPa
Proof pressure (Vacuum circuit) 0.2Mpa

* Proof pressure does not indicate the pressure by which products operate normally but the pressure products does not break down.

Applicable size

■Vacuum port tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø3, ø4, ø6

■Air supply port tube diameter

Stand-alone type Manifold type
MM size (mm) ø3, ø4, ø6 ø4, ø6, ø8, ø10

■Vacuum supply port Tube diameter

  Stand-alone type Manifold type
MM size (mm) ø3, ø4, ø6 ø4, ø6, ø8, ø10
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The response characteristics of supply valve is maximized to realize a high-cycle vacuum system.

  • Three-port specification has been added to the lineup of external vacuum controller. By adopting a three-way vacuum supply main valve, vacuum release time is drastically shortened. Since the conventional two-way valve (VXP type) operates to maintain the vacuum immediately after the main valve is shut off, only blow-off air contributes to releasing vacuum. In the newly commercialized three-port specification (VXPT type), however, the atmospheric pressure is introduced when shutting off the main valve to break vacuum using the atmospheric pressure plus blow-off air.
  • A light weight and compact vacuum unit meeting market needs.
  • Two types of vacuum switch are prepared. As for vacuum switch with good visibility LED, 2 switch output type, analog output & 1 switch output and low cost analog output type are available.
  • Two types of installation method are available depending on applications.
  • "No copper alloy" and "Low level ozone resistance" specifications are available. (Only for VXP type)No copper alloy is applied for metal parts and low level ozone resistance is considered for seal material.

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