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Small Vacuum Regulator Add RoHS Compliant


Pressure indication No pressure indication
Large digital display
Pressure sensor
ø30 negative pressure gauge
Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range -100~100 kPa -100~0 kPa
Pressure setting range -100~ -1.3 kPa
Max. suction flow 30 L/min (ANR)
Operating temp. range 0~50ºC (No freezing) 0~40ºC
(No freezing)

Applicable size

■Tube size

MM size (mm) ø6, ø8

■Thread size

Taper pipe thread R1/4
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Not only primary pressure, terminal pressure can be controlled.

  • Best suitable for the control of the primary pressure of a small vacuum pump.
  • Installing between vacuum valve and vacuum pad, pressure control of individual pad is possible.
  • Male screw type (A) directly connectable to the vacuum port of vacuum pump is prepared.
  • Male screw type (B) is directly connected to the pad holder for ø150mm and ø200mm vacuum pad and controls pressure.

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