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Solenoid Valve SVA20 RoHS Compliant


Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.2~0.7MPa
Proof pressure 1.05MPa
Operating temp. range 5~50ºC
Installation Free (Conditional*)

* Please refer to the digital catalogue

Applicable size

■Output-port Tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø6, ø8
Inch size ø1/4, ø5/16

■Intake port Tube diameter

Inch size ø5/16, ø3/8, ø1/2
MM size (mm) ø8, ø10, ø12
Inch size ø5/16, ø3/8, ø1/2
Silencer specification available
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Light weight, small and large-capacity solenoid valve. Effective sectional area of 18mm2 for 16mm width valve is secured. (Manifold type)

  • Available in a wide variation
  • Air piping is led out either in the side or top direction.
  • The body color can be black or light gray.
  • The manifold piping has an option of back pressure check valve for each exhaust port.
  • Wiring is minimized by the manifold piping and concentrated wiring.
  • Individual plug-in connectors of manifold piping are selectable.
  • Maintenance is easy thanks to the single-screw clamp mechanism.
  • Dual-pressure-use type is prepared.This valve features a partitioned supply air port in its manifold and enables two different pressure to be controlled at the same time.
  • 2-and 3-ports vacuum operable valve is prepared.Owing to special construction, compressed air and vacuum operable 2-and 3-ports that require no external piping. (same in function as the external pilot system.)
    Choice of single solenoid or double solenoid. Elimination of external piping thus allowing these valves to be mounted along with other types of valves.
  • DIN-rail bracket is prepared.It can be attached to and removed from 35mm-width DIN-rail quickly and easily. Securely fix the manifold on DIN rail.

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