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Sub-D connector RoHS Compliant


Number of cores 9 25
Conductor Size:0.3mm、Material:Soft copper stranded wire
Makeup:60 leadsX 0.08mm,Outside dia.:0.72mm
Insulator Material:Semi-hard vinyl,
Makeup:0.25mm, Outside dia.:1.2mm
Sheath Material:Soft vinyl,:1mm, Color :Black
Rated voltage 60VAC or 60VDC
Rated temperature 75ºC
Finish outside diameter (approx.) 6.3mm 9.3mm
Approx. mass 60kg/km 135kg/km
Max. conductor resistance (20ºC) 63.7Ω/km
Withstand voltage 350VAC or 500VDC (1 min. )
Min. insulation resistance (20ºC) 50MΩkm

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Selectability of cable lead-out direction (Fitting side or Valve side) permits wiring in limited space.

  • Best suitable for space saving wiring for PISCO products.Applicable PISCO products:Solenoid Valve SVR10, SVA 20 series, Vacuum Generator VZ, Vacuum Generator VZ & External Vacuum Controller VZP

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