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Parallel Gripper - Single-acting type NEW RoHS Compliant


Fluid medium Filtered air (Limited to filtered compressed air)
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.5MPa
Operating temperature range 5~50℃
Lubrication No Lubrication
Max. operating cycle 180cpm
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  You can read a comic flyer that explains advantages of PISCO's small sized parallel gripper.→ カタログイメージ
For detailed page of gripper line-up, click here.


High precision (Repeatability: ±0.01mm). Parallel gripper that can be used for Inside / Outside gripping

  • Various Gripping types with one body.Inside / Outside gripping
    Gripping by air / spring force
  • Uniquely designed roller guide systemThe longer distance between rollers enables smooth movement and gripping. E type (with E-shaped retaining ring) which is resistant to lateral moment load is available, too.
  • Miniature body but wide strokeThe smallest body in the industry with 6mm stroke (internal investigation)
  • 10mm width type is the lightest in the industry.A small gripper with secure gripping.
  • Single acting gripper yet can be used either Normally Open or Normally Closed.
  • Air saving design and environment friendlySingle acting saves air consumption for return stroke
  • Contributing to space-saving on equipment.Single acting does not require the space for air piping for return stroke.
  • Avoiding mis-placement of the attachments.A centering slot is on the fingers. Easy to locate the attachment.
  • Attachments are provided. (sold separately)

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