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Plarailchain SP RoHS Compliant


Body Material PA6 GF30%, static electricity dissipation nylon GF20%
Bracket material SPCC + trivalent chromium plating
Service temp. range -10~80ºC
Operating environment Avoid using in acid/alkaline atmosphere or in hot water
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Compared with conventional products, improved durability of cables, hoses, and components.

  • Special resins reduce wear and tear by one-fourth to one-fifth of conventional products.
  • As for SP45□・55□・80□type, the flap inside can be opened and closed.
  • Rack is available for SP80300 additionally to divider.
  • Antistatic type, best suitable for the environment where static electricity should be dissipated, is available.(SP1520・2035・25□)

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