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Plarailchain SC RoHS Compliant


Body Material TPFE, PA6 GF30%
Bracket material SPCC + trivalent chlomium plating, SUS304, PA6 GF45%
Service temp. range -10~80ºC
Operating environment Avoid using in acid/alkaline atmosphere or in hot water
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New connecting structure with no sliding parts, managed to minimize the generation of dust. The bending part is made into hinge structure, and link increase and decrease are also possible.

  • Link-against-link friction noise, which is generated when links are running, is significantly reduced, thanks to use of soft material of low percussive noise.Since the main inner part in contact with an internal storage cable is made up with soft material though rigidity is maintained by a framework structure, the wear to a cable decreases remarkably.
  • Clean level of class 1000 is achieved.
  • Flaps are made of same material as Plarailchain SP series, making it possible to further increase rigidity while decreasing cable abrasion.Our flaps are designed not only to open left or right as desired, but also to facilitate mounting/removal. They can also be placed in any direction.
  • Hard material is made into the structure as a framework of soft material, and now it is possible to prevent the decrease in products rigidity, which is incidental to soft-material-based products.
  • Brackets are prepared in three types of material.Standard one-piece design metal bracket, two-piece design stainless steel bracket accommodating 16 mounting styles and low-cost & light weight resin bracket are prepared.

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