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Rotary Actuator RoHS Compliant


Type HR200 HR400-□ HR600-□
Rotating angle 90° 90° 180° 90° 180°
Actuating method Double acting type (rack & pinion method)
Fluid medium Compressed air (oil free)
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.8MPa
Operating temp. range 5~60ºC
Effective torque 2Nm 6Nm 9.5Nm
Angle adjusting range 0 ~ +5°
Cushion Air cushion
Cylinder sectional area 6.9cm2 12.9cm2 19.6cm2
Cylinder stroke 1.4cm 2.2cm 4.2cm 2.3cm 4.3cm
Shaft dia. (pinion shaft type) 10mm 15mm 17mm
Max. radial load 26.46N 45.08N 64.68N
Max. thrust load 26.46N 26.46N 56.84N
Max. kinetic energy 0.01N・m 0.015N・m 0.02N・m

Applicable size

■Thread size

Metric internal thread M5x0.8
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The Rotary Actuator features an ultra-thin size and high power on account of the use of an elliptic cylinder.

  • Backlash is eliminated. Angle fine adjustment, air cushion adjustment and rack pinion adjustment functions are equipped.
  • System control is possible by attachment of a magnetic sensor (option).
  • The flat bottom is very convenient for your own layout.
  • Coming in the rotary disk type, this actuator displays the great advantage of ultra-thinness.

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