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8mm width LED Digital Pressure Sensor Add RoHS Compliant


Model VUS-□-S (Negative pressure type) VUS8-□-SR(Compound pressure type)
Fluid medium Air (non-corrosive)
Method of pressure detection Diffusion semiconductor pressure switch
Operating temp. range 0~50ºC (No freezing)
Storage temp. range -20~70ºC (Atmospheric pressure, Humidity under 65%RH)
Operating humidity range 35~85%RH (No freezing)
Vibration resistance 100m/s2
Shock resistance 150m/s2
Protective structure IEC standard IP40 equiv.
Operating pressure range -100~0 kPa -100~300 kPa
Proof pressure 500 kPa 1.0 MPa
Power supply 12~24VDC +/- 10% (ripples included)
Consumption current 30mA or less (with all lights on and two points output with no load)

Applicable size

■Tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø1.8, ø3, ø4

■Thread size

Metric thread M5x0.8
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Super slim ! Light weight pressure sensor with a LED display.

  • All setting is managed with 2 push buttons
  • Indication magnification can be chosen from 4 options.x1, x0.75, x0.01, x0.145
  • 3 types of installation method are available.
  • Air port direction can be chosen from 2 types
  • Two types of pressure port configuration

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