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Flow Sensor FUS20 series RoHS Compliant


Fluid medium Clean air(JIS B 8392-1.1.1~5.6.2)
Compressed air (JIS B 8392-1.1.1~1.6.2)
and nitrogen gas
Min. working pressure -0.09 MPa
Withstand pressure 1 MPa
Ambient temp. and humidity 0~50ºC, max. 90%RH
Working fluid temp. 0~50ºC (No dew condensation)

Applicable size

■Tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø4, ø6, ø8, ø10
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Flow management and suction lift verification of small work piece are possible.

  • Built-in needle valve modelFlow adjustable needle valve and sensor are integrated into one unit. Fuss-free plumbing and minimized installation space are realized.
  • Panel mount is possible. Bracket for panel mount is available. Sensor as well as built-in needle valve sensor can be panel mounted. Since coherent installation is possible, one large panel cut make possible for mounting multiple sensors with minimum space and process.
  • Dual display / 2 color indication featureIntroduction of main and sub display improve operability. Additionally, 2 colors indication makes easy cognition of error.
  • Free installation orientation The sensor can be mounted in any orientation : top, bottom, left, or right.
  • Bi-directional flow measurement is possible. Bidirectional flow model can measure the flow of preset direction. Flexibility of the plumbing installation improves and usable for reverse flow detection.
  • No straight piping is required The newly proposed rectifying structure eliminates the need for a straight piping section upstream or downstream.
  • High accuracy:Max. +/- 3%F.S.Precise flow measurement is possible.
  • Quick response time:Max. 50msec.High-speed response is realized by incorporating a platinum sensor chip processed with silicon micromachining. It contributes to shorten takt time.

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