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Vacuum Modular Kit HML for EOAT (End of Arm Tooling)

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Max. 16 vacuum pads can be mounted on this modular kit.

  • No need to design EOAT. This modular kit can be directly mounted to EOAT.
  • Two different lengths are available both for main guide and vacuum pad guide.Two types each for Flange, Main guide, Vacuum pad guide are available for free combination. ( 8 combinations are possible.)
  • "Robot flange adapters" are available, which connects EOAT with a rotobt of different companies.※. For robots with the weight capacity of approx. 6 kgs or less.
  • Curved aluminum edge trim secures strength and realizes light weighting.
  • Guide has scale for easy positioning.
  • Pisco can offer a special kit acoording to customized pad position from small ordering lot size.

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