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We provide useful tools for item selections

Chemical-proof properties

As for chemical use, please utilize this information for safety use of PISCO products.

Unit Conversion Tool

Unit such as pressure, energy and weight can be converted to various units.

Vacuum Pad Pad Diameter Selection Tool

Pad diameter can be calculated by theoretical suction force math formula and graphs.

Plarailchain Link Number Calculation Tool

The number of link is automatically calculated from the model code and transfer stroke.

Calculation Of Evacuation Time Of Rotary Vacuum Pump

The evacuation time of a rotary vacuum pump can be found for each model.

Air flow rate and effective cross-sectional area calculator

Estimate air flow rate.

Quick Reference (Full-scale) Guide of Thread Size, Tube OD, and Vacuum Pad Diameter

You can check the thread size of pneumatic equipment, tube diameter and vacuum pad diameter; and reference suction force of the vacuum pad as well.